Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 3.21.14


San Francisco 49ers head coach, Jim Harbaugh, is on my Top 5 Fav’s list of NFL coaches. It is natural that I found this clip wildly amusing.

There was an earthquake in L.A. Monday morning. I am impressed with these news anchors… I would have peed my pants.

I hate being tempted to do things I shouldn’t- and not because I am “holier-than-thou” either! It’s because I am human and sometimes the bad things we are tempted to do can be fun. Yes, I just said that. For me, being human means sometimes bad things seem enticing and alluring and more fun than I want to walk away from. For those moments… There is this wisdom.

People spend lifetimes seeking pleasure… What is this quest for pleasure really about?

CheersDez cursiveslope

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