My Journey to the Mommy Club: Revelations Through Ultrasounds

Hubbz gets out of the car. He’s chipper this morning. Kind of a little too chipper for me. I like to take mornings slow and quiet because me and mornings have a very shaky relationship. Mornings and I don’t really love each other to put it nicely. I need to ease into mornings most days. I […]

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Why He Runs…

If you know me even a little bit, you know my brother and sister mean the world to me. They are a couple of my biggest cheerleaders in life. As the baby of the family, there aren’t a lot of times that I have been able to pour into their lives what they have poured […]

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Monday Musings 7.2.13

Sitting. Trusting. Waiting. Hoping. Trying not to turn around and look at the hallway of closed doors. Some I traveled through, some I firmly closed, some were closed for me. Sometimes I glance back and let the doubt creep in. Did I make the right choice? Did I do the right thing? Sometimes I wonder […]

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Easter is more than white patent leather stiletto’s

Easter is so much more than Easter Bunnies, my white patent leather stiletto’s and Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs. Don’t get me wrong, bunnies are adorbs, I have a love affair with the shoes and Reece’s Eggs are so tantalizingly ahhmazing that it feels like my taste buds are being sprinkled with fairy dust and […]

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