Easter is more than white patent leather stiletto’s

a2cb323f748cba55cf23d127ba288c48Easter is so much more than Easter Bunnies, my white patent leather stiletto’s and Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs. Don’t get me wrong, bunnies are adorbs, I have a love affair with the shoes and Reece’s Eggs are so tantalizingly ahhmazing that it feels like my taste buds are being sprinkled with fairy dust and kissed by baby unicorns (you’re welcome for that visual)… But when I stop to think about what we are really celebrating on Easter, it kind of literally takes my breath away. It leaves me humbled and silenced and in awe. It makes all the silly things in this life that I pour myself into and deem “IMPORTANT” seem kind of, well, trivial.

I read something yesterday that pierced my heart…

“For you. For all your regrets and for all your impossible, for all that will never be and all that once was, for all that you can’t make right and for all that you got wrong, for your Judas failures and your Peter denials and you Lazarus griefs. I offer to take the nails, the sharp edge of everything and offer you myself because I want you, to take you, you in your wild grief, you in your anger and your disappointment and your wounds and your not-yet-there, you, just as you are, not some improved version of you but you – I came for you, to hold you, to carry you, to save you.”

God knew what He was saving when He saved us… And He sent his only Son to the cross to die a horrible torturous death so we could live. He knew and He did it anyway.

“God turned on himself for our sake. He tore himself apart so that our brokenness, our betrayal and our addictions wouldn’t be the end of our stories. Jesus was separated so that you will never have to be separate again.”

Easter is about Hope. It’s about Forgiveness. It’s about Love. It’s about God’s power to make something good come out of something so terrible. It’s about Mercy. It’s about Grace. It’s about Redemption.

It’s about Jesus’ Journey to Calvary so that those who believe in Him can have a Journey Home, Eternally.

Cheers to Easter, Dez

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