Monday Musings 7.15.13

Nothing would be the same if you did not exist. Think on that. Ponder that. Sit with that. Nothing. NOT. ONE. THING. Would be the same if you weren’t here. Think of your connections with people. The people from the past that still have a spot in your heart… The one you just thought of… Yeah, […]

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Monday Musings 7.8.13

I don’t ever want to lose sight of the wonder and awe the world provides. The little things that make life so incredibly awesome. Getting my day started this morning, I was tired. Mondays after a long weekend are not on my list of favorite things. As I stepped out of my car this morning […]

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Monday Musings 6.3.13

When I lived in Rome, Italy I would walk from my apartment to University almost every weekday morning (unless we were meeting on-site, then I would make the trek to the various historical sites in Rome.) The times I didn’t walk were usually because of insane amounts of rain and on occasion because my roommates […]

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