Monday Musings 6.3.13

When I lived in Rome, Italy I would walk from my apartment to University almost every weekday morning (unless we were meeting on-site, then I would make the trek to the various historical sites in Rome.) The times I didn’t walk were usually because of insane amounts of rain and on occasion because my roommates and I indulged in too much vino and discoteca antics the night before. I loved the crowded Metro cars (Rome’s subway system) and people watching, but walking allowed me to indulge in the (1)

One of the best parts of my walk to University was that in order to cut a good 15 minutes off my already 40 minute walk I had to cut through St. Peter’s Square. I remember walking through, always trying to be so mindful of where I was… People spend lifetimes dreaming of this city and everyday for five months it was a given that I could be there, romancing my wildest dreams.

I was reminded of this snippet of my life this morning when almost all of campus access was blocked by construction. (I am sure you can read between the lines enough to know that I was beyond the point of frustration and really did not want to be dealing with construction on a Monday morning.) As I ventured completely out of my way a little thought bounced into my brain “Remember to be where you are… It’s the unexpected moments that create the deliciousness of life.” I may or may not have attempted to discard it (totally annoyed at the touchy-feely of it all.) I then hit a red light and there I sat pondering this little thought. It didn’t make complete sense until I glanced out my window and saw a sight that made my heart smile… The one and only Spartan Stadium. I snagged a pic, the light turned green and I was on my way. Only now, my way was different… Instead of irritation, I felt peace. Instead of hurry, I was at ease. Instead of furrowing my brow with annoyance, I smiled.

I spend most days nestled in the Land of Sparta. A place where I made incredible memories. A place where I grew into myself. A place that has come to define part of who I am.

photo (2)

In the moments when situations don’t go as we expect.

In the moments when twists and turns appear to derail us.

In the moments when we are certain our life is supposed to be so different.

Be where you are.

Afterall, if we were supposed to be somewhere else, we would be.

Cheers, Dez

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