When Boats Almost Capsize

There are storms in life sometimes so great that we feel the very boats we Captain might capsize. The sky darkens, the seas pick up, and we start to take on more water than our boats can handle. The storms come in so many forms. Relationships gone so wrong they are unrecognizable. Finances stretched so […]

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Monday Musings 4.13.15

There is only one thing appropriate for today and it is Shakespeare’s quote. With valiant hearts we move mountains in this world- the work we do is incredible and life changing- eternity changing even. Don’t underestimate the power of a determined woman. We change things.  

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Monday Musings 2.2.15

Sometimes we forget why we are here… We have significant others, careers, classes, workouts, families, to-do lists seventeen miles long… A hundred million things to get done and only time enough for a fraction of it all… But then we see something like this… Bold enough to stop us in our tracks… And then we […]

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