When Boats Almost Capsize

There are storms in life sometimes so great that we feel the very boats we Captain might capsize. The sky darkens, the seas pick up, and we start to take on more water than our boats can handle.

The storms come in so many forms.

Relationships gone so wrong they are unrecognizable.

Finances stretched so thin they just might snap under the pressure.

Health issues so overwhelming it makes it hard to breath.

Pain so great the thought of being alive another day makes our sweet souls ache.

And then.


A sign so amazing that it fills the sky and makes the very breath we breath catch in our chest.

A promise so deep it stretches from Genesis to Revelation.

In a moment. In an instant. In a flash.

The sea is calmed.

He is here… Not like he ever left… We just became aware again.

Whatever your storms- take heart.

He is here. Hands of Heaven outstretched in colors so vibrant they cannot be masked. In Him you will find His promise so deep, so profound, so incredible that you will be amazed you ever breathed a breath without it.

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