When Boats Almost Capsize

There are storms in life sometimes so great that we feel the very boats we Captain might capsize. The sky darkens, the seas pick up, and we start to take on more water than our boats can handle. The storms come in so many forms. Relationships gone so wrong they are unrecognizable. Finances stretched so […]

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Monday Musings 7.6.15

Live grateful. Be thankful. Count your blessings. No, those aren’t silly cliches people say. They are words to build your life on. The more thankful you are the more your life literally changes before your eyes. Be thankful for it all- even the crummy things that make you cry. In gratitude there is infinite blessing. […]

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Monday Musings 8.4.14

I am a big fan of leaping and figuring the rest out as you go. Most people don’t start anything. They don’t take risks. They don’t live their dream because they are too busy calculating the path. Sometimes you just have to go. You have to jump. You have to do it knowing full well […]

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