A Little Ditty About Marriage

Today is our wedding anniversary and it’s only fitting that I offer a ditty about marriage… Except it’s not really a ditty… It’s more of a blog post. (I hope you wordsmiths enjoyed that. You’re welcome.) Let’s dance, shall we? I never really understood the saying “I married my best friend.” I threw the phrase […]

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When Boats Almost Capsize

There are storms in life sometimes so great that we feel the very boats we Captain might capsize. The sky darkens, the seas pick up, and we start to take on more water than our boats can handle. The storms come in so many forms. Relationships gone so wrong they are unrecognizable. Finances stretched so […]

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Merry Christmas!

Can you believe it? The hustle and bustle of the season culminates on this day. The running around we have been doing for months is all because of today. The parties and the food and the wine and the workouts to keep it all from hugging your buns. The shopping and the sometimes stressing… It’s […]

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Preaching Good on a Tuesday

Seems to be Tuesday is my day to have Christ call me out with simple reminders before I make messes of my life… Our God is so good like that! I read this from an old preacher today… “Blessedness is the greatest of perils because it tends to dull our keen sense of dependence on […]

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In the Middle of a Tuesday Afternoon

Sometimes I am at work, going about my day and I start to get discouraged. I start to believe the little nagging lie that this isn’t where I am supposed to be and that God’s plan isn’t alive and well in my life. I get busy in the day-to-day hustle and lost in the thought […]

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