In the Middle of a Tuesday Afternoon

Sometimes I am at work, going about my day and I start to get discouraged. I start to believe the little nagging lie that this isn’t where I am supposed to be and that God’s plan isn’t alive and well in my life. I get busy in the day-to-day hustle and lost in the thought that I should be doing bigger, grander and more impactful things with my life. (Don’t act like you haven’t gotten caught in that lie- It happens to the best of us.)
Then a mom walks into my office with her oldest daughter. There is worry in her eyes. She is a worried Mama wanting and needing the best for her babygirl. They are looking for a classroom on this big, sometimes intimidating campus. I stop my work and I show them where it is. The conversation ebbs and flows around topics like campus life, parking and academics. Then, in perfect Jesus Fashion, the conversation drifts to Christ.
In the middle of a Tuesday afternoon.
I don’t know how it happened. It’s one of those “God Things”. The girl saw my bracelets. They had heard of my church. They knew some friends in our Life Group. We lived and grew up in the same city. How does God do that?
In the middle of a Tuesday afternoon.
The mom told me I was an answer to her prayers- She prayed this morning about her daughter. About this new chapter. They walked into my office- Literally the first person she met on this campus happened to be me, and I happened to be a Christian. I told her I was humbled but it wasn’t me… It was all God.
He orchestrates this amazing symphony of our lives. He interconnects our stories. He reminds us He’s got us.
In the middle of a Tuesday afternoon.
He’s got us… Perfectly.
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