The Guy in the Boat

An event happened in my life recently that caused me serious angst. The event itself isn’t important but the emotion around it and what it revealed is profound. It’s in this emotion that healing and a little revelation happened. It changed my perspective and it’s my hope that by sharing it, maybe it will help […]

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When Boats Almost Capsize

There are storms in life sometimes so great that we feel the very boats we Captain might capsize. The sky darkens, the seas pick up, and we start to take on more water than our boats can handle. The storms come in so many forms. Relationships gone so wrong they are unrecognizable. Finances stretched so […]

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For Women… On Days When You Might Not Feel Awesome

If you are like me, you read the title to this and thought “psssshhhhhht… She’s cray! I always feel awesome!” Then the snippy little voice in the back of your brain spoke up “You’re not kidding anyone there, Dollface.” Ok, so maybe there are days that we don’t feel awesome… You don’t have to admit […]

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Photo•A•Day December 21st

Photo•A•Day December 21, 2012 “Peace” I got some less than exciting news today and at first I was pretty bummed about it… Then on two different instances, from two very unrelated people, I was reminded of Jeremiah 29:11… It was a kiss from God reminding me… Don’t worry, He’s got this! …And suddenly all was […]

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