Monday Musings 5.20.13

We fasten on The Belt of Truth and in the midst of this we come face to face with eight of the biggest lies we tell ourselves… The other side of the lies is where freedom is found. Cheers to the Truth, Dez

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Monday Musings 5.13.13

From the Girl who spent time planning to leave… From the Girl who spent years searching… From the Girl who found comfort in the running… Here’s to arriving. Here’s to seeing. Here’s to being found. Cheers, Dez

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Monday Musings 5.6.13

We don’t get what we want – we get what we deserve. For everything we desire out of life are we giving it our all? Are we giving life everything we have? Our jobs, our relationships, our worlds. Throw everything you have into it and you will get what you deserve. Deserve more and you […]

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Monday Musings 4.29.13

I love make-up. It’s an outlet I have always gone to as a way to channel my creative energy. I love being able to create the look to go with the dress. I love being able to take someones features and make them defined and alluring, sultry and sexy. I love what a touch of […]

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