Joy in the Rain

imagesBeing graced with a moment of total peace walking back to the office in the rain. Hearing the splash of my boots mix with the patter of the rain overhead, creating a symphony of mind-easing music. Feeling the breath of my life filling up my lungs. My amazing, beautifully broken, not-perfect-but-perfect-in-Him life. Viewing the world from under the comfort of my umbrella. People watching. Wondering their stories, their hopes, their dreams, their fears, what drives them, what defeats them, what empowers them. Wondering if the people I pass have the same victories and struggles as me. Thinking about how all of our stories intertwine and are similar- yet so different.

All of this JUUUUUSSST as a damn gust of wind comes out of nowhere and flips my umbrella inside out, soaking me in the process. In an instant, brought back to reality. With a shriek, then a mutter, then a soul-satisfying laugh that tickles my bones. God reminding me He is there. He is there in the thoughts and the stillness in the turmoil and chaos. He is there when we get too serious and He is there to dump water on us and remind us to lighten up and laugh.

Finding Joy in the Rain (literally), Dez

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