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I came across this photo and it pierced a part of me that leads directly to the most intimate parts of my soul. It’s one of those photos I want blown up on a canvas and hung over my fireplace… If I had one!


A few years ago a person in my life highly recommended I read “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” and it was one of those books that always stuck with me. Since then I have become a big fan of Donald Miller and his work. As a writer I fell in love with the idea of our lives being a book… How we live being our story… What happens in our story we, by our own free will, get the opportunity to create. Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, brimming with lessons and teachings. All the elements of a good story intertwined. Thinking of this I am forced to really define what it is I want out of life. What is the legacy I want to leave? What is the mark I want to gift to the World? What is the work I want to do for Jesus? …And how am I doing at it all? Am I succeeding? Do I suck at it? What can I learn? What can I teach? Do I need to do more? Do I need to do less? Do I need to sit, wait and be still? 

I used to live my life like I was a product of my circumstances. I was the abandonment I experienced as a child. I was the victim of the things that happened to me. I was the words and hateful things I was abused with. I was a helpless damsel that needed saving. This way of thinking was not powerful. All it did was enable me to not have to be responsible for my life and the choices I made. Gut wrenching realities of my life opened my eyes to the fact that we are not defined by the things that happened to us. It is in this truth that we can create something amazing for ourselves, for the people we do life with and for the story we are writing.

The Beginning. The Rising. The Climax. The Falling. The End.

Cheers, Dez

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