The Rookie

Evan GattisThe Atlanta Braves (the team I grew up watching, that holds a special baseball shaped place in my heart) are coming to town to play the Detroit Tigers (the hometown team I have fallen in love with) this weekend! With the Braves comes a pretty  stellar rookie catcher by the name of Evan Gattis. Check out the NY Times article on this rock out dude!

Here are some article highlights… No doubt you will see why I only wish this guy the best of baseball blessings!

The picture that Gattis uses on his Twitter account is his identification badge from when he was a janitor in Dallas. “You have to remember where you came from,” he said. “If I had to say something to kids about my experience, it’s don’t let people tell you who you are and don’t be too cautious. Don’t be afraid to fail.”

“The lesson is, where you are is not necessarily where you will end up,” said Johnson, the Braves infielder. “I’m sure there are people in business, in the real world, who might be feeling ‘is this it, is this all’ and there is no place up for them. “Evan will tell you that’s not necessarily true.”

Cheers to Gattis, Dez

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