Monday Musings 8.26.13

I used to live like this was the truth.

One, because Marilyn said it and two, because I experienced it firsthand.

The mind-blowing simplicity and complicatedness of a kiss on the forehead.

:: s w o o n ::

My how time changes us.

We grow to learn that any modern day Romeo can kiss a woman perfect enough to make her knees go weak and make her forget her name. Any modern day Casanova can thrill a woman with his touch.

The real loversThe ones worth keeping… They are the ones who can thrill you by meeting your big brown eyes across a room crowded and know exactly what you are thinking. They are the ones who rub your feet when you are tired. They are the ones who get up in the middle of the night to get you a cold washcloth for your forehead and make you soup when you are sick.

While forehead kisses may be thrilling at the time, the butterflies fade away.

My beautiful Marilyn got this one wrong.

The real lover is the man who can thrill you far beyond a kiss on the forehead.

Cheers, Dez

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