Monday Musings 9.30.13

If the World is cold, make it your business to build fires.

I spent this weekend in Northern Michigan with family and friends laughing until my abs hurt. I was at an Annual event that my brother puts together for the people in his life that he loves. We spent plenty of time around the campfire and so today, this image and quote are powerful.


I like to think when Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the World” he had something like this in mind.

When love is lacking, be love.
When peace is lacking, be peace.
When hope is lacking, be hope.
Create in your life that which isn’t there.

This sounds cliche, I know… But it isn’t. I saw it firsthand this weekend. In my brother’s life there was space to build deeper relationships. Instead of sitting there and saying “someday I will” he took action and 4 years later we are knee-deep in a tradition that we look forward to every year. He made it his business to cultivate love, laughter & memories where he felt they were lacking in his life.

This got me thinking… What if we all did that? Maybe not on as grand of a scale as he did but what if we started somewhere? Showering someone we care about with affection that might be lacking. Smiling at a stranger. Going out of your way for a co-worker.

Stoke the flame… See what happens… I dare you.

Cheers, Dez

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