Week in Photos Recap

What an incredible fun-filled week this has been! Between my job, Hubbz, the gym, my family and our social calendar, it has truly been action packed. I am feeling so blessed by all of the incredible things this week has unfolded. Here is a peek into some of the moments.

photo 1

Sushi is one of my favorite foods and guilty pleasures… A magnificent lunch with wonderful company!

photo 4

I am a HUGE dog lover… Brez is one of my favorites. Getting a surprise visit from him melted my heart.

photo 5

There is nowhere else on Earth that calms my soul like sitting in front of my Ma’s fireplace.

photo 3

The Fab 4 celebrating my Big Brother’s Thirty-Something Birthday at a fab place in Birmingham!

photo 3

The State News posted perhaps one of my FAVORITE tweets of the day!

photo 2

To say I have been waiting for this moment my whole life is NOT an understatement. Thank you, Boys! Spartan Nation is so proud.

CheersDez cursiveslope

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