Happy Birthday to my Big Brudder

I have the BEST big brother on the face of the planet. You might think yours is awesome but mine has yours beat… by like, a lot. My brother is super-duper special and not only because he’s the most rock-out yoga doing, vegan food eating, marathon running hispter ever. See, he is more than just my big bro… He also played a huge part in raising me and helping me become the chick that you know (and love) today.

My brother taught me how to play Paperboy on Nintendo. He taught me how to time the obstacle course at the end of the game so I could win, and go in the Paperboy Hall of Fame that existed in my brain. In Mario Brother’s, he taught me where all the secret mushrooms were and how to jump the flag at the end so you can make it to the next level with the most points possible… Something to this day, I still have not mastered. (Oy Vey!)

My big brother taught me how to shoot my first jump shot and how to correctly practice my lay-ups. He taught me how to visualize my free throws, line my shoulders up correctly with the basket and flip my wrist just so, to give the ball enough finesse to make the beautiful “swish” sound. He taught me how to swing my first golf club and the rules and standards that went with the game. He was there, as a captain caddie, when I caddied my first of countless loops at the Country Club. My brother taught me how to walk-off the yardage on the fairway, read the putts (sometimes better than the dudes I caddied for) and tend the pin like a pro.

My brother was there when my heart was broken for the first time. He reminded me that I was important and special and if this kid didn’t see that then he wasn’t worth my time. I remember that he then proceeded to make me laugh so my heart didn’t hurt so much. That’s the kind of guy my big brother is… He always wants to make sure I’m happy.photo (4)

My brother bought me my very first gift from Tiffany’s… And many more since then. He has spoiled me almost rotten and set a standard that boys have hated him for!

When most kids were going on wholesome high school spring breaks with their families, I was with my brother, at The University of Michigan… Learning about Greek Week. He thought the experience would show me what college is all about. I sure did take a lot away from that experience, and I even went to my first Graffiti Party… That was pretty rad. Going along with the “expanding my horizons theme”, I didn’t have a typical high school open house like my friends. Instead my brother decided it would be cooler to take me to Cabo. I thought the idea was pretty fantastic! It was there I learned to dance on tables and how to properly shoot tequila. I also learned how to properly sunbathe on a balcony when you lock yourself out of the room in the middle of the afternoon. We did practice our Español, so I would chalk that trip up to an educational time.

When I got to college my brother taught me how to tailgate for football games… Like a boss. He showed me the best places to eat and where to study so I could get the most work done. He was always there helping me navigate my path. I fell a couple times but he showed me how to dust myself off, shake off the dirt and inspired me to keep pressing on. My brother was my biggest cheerleader in my semester study abroad to Rome. His guidance and wisdom were instrumental in making that possibility a reality. When I graduated from the University I love (and he hates) my brother was there. He was the first in line to congratulate me and tell me how proud of me he was.

My brother walked me down the aisle on my wedding day. It was an honor that he earned because of the ways he showed up in my life. He has been there through every trial with a pep talk to help me through. He has been there through every triumph to celebrate and ask me what my next goal is. He has pushed me to be great even when my greatness wasn’t something I was interested in finding. Because of my brother’s influence in my life, I have been successful.


My Big Brother  is amazing! He has literally shaped the world as I see it. The places he has taken me (from NYC to Cabo and everywhere in between) and the experiences and life he has shown me have created who I am today. I don’t know the person I would be if I had a different Big Brother. I am so thankful for the countless time, energy and things he has poured into my life. When it comes to me (and my sister and Mom) my brother is selfless. On his birthday, the least I could do was tell the world how incredible it’s been growing up with the best big brother on the face of the planet!

Happiest of Birthdays, Michael!!! I love you to the moon and back and I wish you enough!

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