Week in Fotos Recap

I had the opportunity to meet Kyler Elsworth and celebrate a Spartan Rose Bowl win a little more! Some nights the only thing that a girl wants is to lay in bed with Pinterest and Sugar Berry. A bowl of fro-yo delivered bedside, courtesy of my Husband & Champion. (He spoils me!) Rocked the new […]

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Happy Birthday to my Big Brudder

I have the BEST big brother on the face of the planet. You might think yours is awesome but mine has yours beat… by like, a lot. My brother is super-duper special and not only because he’s the most rock-out yoga doing, vegan food eating, marathon running hispter ever. See, he is more than just […]

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My Big Sistah’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to my Big Sistah… No, that’s not a typo… She’s my sistah (it’s like a sister but cooler.) You are the girl who has known me my whole entire life and no matter what happens, you love me anyway. You loved me when I was 5 and you were 10 and we shared […]

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The Nostalgia of Celebrating Birthdays…

On May 29th I celebrated my 29th birthday… It was an amazing day full of all the tangible happiness a girl could want. What made it the most beautiful though was the amount of love I received from the people around me. Voicemails, texts, phone calls, tweets, Facebook messages and cards made me feel beyond […]

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