My Big Sistah’s Birthday

photo-17Happy Birthday to my Big Sistah… No, that’s not a typo… She’s my sistah (it’s like a sister but cooler.)

You are the girl who has known me my whole entire life and no matter what happens, you love me anyway.

You loved me when I was 5 and you were 10 and we shared a bedroom in the apartment and had bunk beds… And a hamster named Cookie.

You loved me when I was in Kindergarten and used to have to come to your classroom everyday to say goodbye before I left for the day because I had separation anxiety.

You loved me when I was an annoying little middle school tomboy and you were the most popular girl in school. You loved me even though I used to sneak into your bedroom after you left for school and put on your makeup and wear your clothes (trying to put them back just right before you got home so you wouldn’t know I wanted to be just like you.) …Now I watch your Twins sneak into VivRoo’s room while she is at school and play with her Barbies! (I guess we all just want to be like our big sisters.)

You loved me when I was in middle school and the boys used to make fun of the fact that I was graced with uber-hairy Italian girl arms… You loved me (and I think even delighted in the pain you caused me) when you waxed every little hair off my arms to show those stupid boys what was up. (I still like the fact that you told me they were jealous because I could grow arm hair and they couldn’t!)

You loved me when you took me to college with you for Sibling Weekend and I tried wine for the first time… And then I went in the bathroom and threw it down the sink because it was the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted but didn’t want you to think I wasn’t cool (Thank goodness my taste buds have since acquired the taste of wine!)

You loved me when you would come home from college and I was in high school and would want to know EVERY LITTLE DETAIL about what it was like to be a Spartan. You loved me the summer you took me to rollerblade around campus “to bond” and we ended up in a huge fight about Lord knows what and we were both so mad at each other! LOL

You loved me when I was in high school and no matter what you were doing in your life you would come home just to do my hair and makeup for my Homecomings and Proms. (Remember the year I had that rhinestone tattoo that you put on my back… SO cool!)

You loved me when I went off to college and needed my big sis because even though I was 5 miles from home I was homesick (but didn’t want Mom to know.) You bought me the most adorable stuffed dog named Mo that I still don’t have the heart to get rid of. Now every time your oldest daughter comes to spend the night she sleeps with it and I tell her the story of where he came from.

You loved me when you and I hopped on a plane to SoCal with O-Dog to move you across the country and I fell asleep in the car at 3AM when we were trying to find a hotel because we couldn’t get into the condo. (I have since lived up to the worst co-pilot ever because I haven’t stopped falling asleep in long car rides)

You loved me when you were on your honeymoon and I was living in Rome and you called me and it was like 12 hours difference and we thought it was so hilariously awesome… You loved me even more when you came to visit me in Rome and we finally got that picture of you “in that big square thingy” that most people know as St. Peter’s Square. #truestory

You loved me when you told me you were moving back to Michigan and I literally started sobbing on the phone like a blubbering idiot… Seriously… B l u b b e r i n g. But I don’t take it back because my sister was moving HOME!!!

You loved me during one of the hardest years of my life that was full of heartache and I literally thought my life was over. You stayed by my side and prayed for me and loved me no matter if you loved my choices.

I could not ask for a more amazing, strong, joyful, faithful, graceful, forgiving, loving, caring Big Sister. On your birthday I hope you get every blessing you deserve. I hope you get back all the love you shower everyone around you with. You are an amazing wife, mother, daughter, sister and most important, friend. We don’t choose our sister’s but if we did I would still choose you.

Happy Birthday, Mia!

Cheers, Chia

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