Week in Fotos Recap

photo 5I had the opportunity to meet Kyler Elsworth and celebrate a Spartan Rose Bowl win a little more!

photo 2Some nights the only thing that a girl wants is to lay in bed with Pinterest and Sugar Berry. A bowl of fro-yo delivered bedside, courtesy of my Husband & Champion. (He spoils me!)

photo 3Rocked the new fedora… Pasadena in The Mitten never looked so good!

photo 4Jerry Sprague and his grandsons rocked the stage in Ann Arbor! Blessed to be front row among excellent company!

photo 3Hands down the best fort ever constructed for Mankind. My nieces and nephew were selling tickets for Admission. #YoungEntrepreneurs

photo 1My sister, BFF and business partner had her 30-Something Birthday this week! Happiest of Birthdays to one of my favs!

photo 2When my sister buys my nieces books called “Your Digestive System”, Aunt Dez gets to answer questions like “Where does poop come from?” and “How are farts are made?” …All without laughing! It takes a village, I guess!

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