Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 5.9.14

FFFL LogoOh how I love tattoos. They make me happy and giddy and all revved up with excitement. Stumbled upon this link of Ink Inspired by Children’s Books. The Giving Tree stole my heart, Where’s Waldo made me laugh right out loud and Strega Nona warmed my soul.

Can you say Food Game Changer?!

This is a complete waste of time… Yet I couldn’t stop.

In the midst of Living My Dream, this post called me out… For me it’s not “What am I willing to give up?” because let’s face it, I am getting after living my dreams pretty good… It’s “What ELSE am I willing to give up?” because after all, why just live, when you can live better.

CheersDez cursiveslope

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