Friday Links 8.15.14 Robin Williams

This weeks Friday Links revolve around Robin Williams and his tragic death. This week, I cried over the death of a man I had never even met.


When the news about Robin Williams’ tragic death hit the news, my husband was the one to tell me. Apparently it broke in the 30 seconds that I wasn’t glued to Twitter. I, like the rest of the world was stunned. As I read through my Twitter feed, my heart broke when I realized it was suicide. I posted this to Facebook earlier this week, and I will say it again here:

It’s my deepest hope and prayer that as a society we can learn from this tragedy. I hope our eyes can be opened to the hurt that is around us everyday. Hurting people need people. They don’t need judgements, they don’t need opinions, they need people. Our heart. Our energy. Our time. They need to know it’s ok to hurt, and they aren’t alone, and most important, there are people devoted to helping them get better.

Good Will Hunting is my favorite movie of all time. I love how fans in Boston honored Robin. Check it out HERE.

What the Church and Christians need to know about Mental Health and Suicide. Check it out HERE.

On a lighter note, Rolling Stone posted the best of Robin Williams. Check it out HERE.

22 references to Robin Williams from a sportscaster. Check it out HERE.

Robin Williams taught us all life lessons through both real life and the characters he made come to life. Check it out HERE.

Suicide takes more lives than homicide and motor vehicle accidents. Suicide takes as many lives as breast cancer. How many more lives are going to be lost before suicide is talked about in the mainstream? The stigma needs to be released, God needs to be infused, and people need to know they can heal.

Here are 2 incredible organizations that are working to heal people…

I am Second.

To Write Love on Her Arms.

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