Funkay-Fresh Friday Links 10.24.14

It’s FRIDAY! Not just any Friday, it’s the Friday before one of the most exciting games of the year! #MSUvUM Get ready to get your green on tomorrow, folks! In the meantime… Enjoy!

Protect your marriage. The 9 threats you didn’t know that you didn’t know. CLICK HERE

I just counted and there are 14 ways for you to get a hold of me via my phone that does not require us to actually talk… If you call me, I am most likely sending you to voicemail and then deleting it without listening (ok, I will probably listen but then totally text you back.) That being said, this voicemail article kind of warmed my heart. CLICK HERE

It’s Rivalry Week in The Mitten State so of course I am linking you up! For those of you who live under a rock that’s when The Spartans of Michigan State University take on The University of Michigan Wolverines. It’s a fun college football rivalry that isn’t going anywhere any time soon… Below are some of my favorite propaganda videos… Let’s see if you can tell where my allegiance rests its pretty little head!

We do a lot for love… Except that.

Click Here for some fun

Or Maybe Here

Rise Up Spartan Nation

It Starts Here

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