Random Acts of Kindness Make the World Go ‘Round

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the hype of Valentine’s Day… Trust me… 13 (yes… THIRTEEN) years into my relationship with Hubbz I still accidentally buy into the hype of the insanity…

(Which I find annoying because afterall, we areSweetest Day People!” I digress.)

This year I wanted it to be different. This year I didn’t want it to be about me or what I was getting or how the size of his love equated to the size of the rose bouquet I received. This year in an effort to make it different I threw myself into a week we have dubbed at work “Random Acts of Kindness Week”…

Amazingness ensued and I realized down to the depths of my soul the fun and the laughter and the joy in life really is in the kindness we freely give to others.

This week, do me a solid… Heck, do yourself a solid… Go make humanity better… Go show people random, crazy, amazing kindness. You will be thrilled that you did- That is a promise.

CheersDez cursiveslope

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