April 20th… 4 Years Later

Today is a beautiful day of nostalgia for me. 4 years ago today, I took the plunge… I pushed away the fear and I started my blog. While that may not seem life-altering and earth shattering, for me, it kinda was. I was at a place in life of self-discovery. A spot where I was determined to do big things in my life. I had reached a point where I was sick of the mundane and desired to create and live a life that mattered. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to look back at my life at 40 or 50 or 60 or 107 (because I definitely think I need to live to be 107) and think… “That’s it… That’s all I did!?”

So yes, I started a blog. I decided that taking my life and living it out loud was the best place for me to begin. The events that have occurred in my life since that first post have been nothing short of mind blowing. The way God has moved and worked as I put my faith more and more in Him has altered the very core of who I am.

So much has happened in 4 years. Some of it incredibly amazing and some of it totally devastating. So many things have changed yet so many things have stayed completely the same. There are a few things (and people) that have kept me grounded in peace- one of those things has been writing. In fantastic throwback fashion, I offer you my first blog post… The place where it all began.

Turn up your speakers, settle in and CLICK HERE: The First Post… Out Loud!

*Spoiler Alert… Tomorrow’s post holds a glorious slew of throwbacks… You definitely are not going to want to miss it! 😘

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