11 Weeks & BabyB’s Plyos

I never realized through all of the heartache of infertility the amount of redemption our God would shower over Hubbz and I. Each doctor’s visit has become more incredible than the last.

We saw BabyB’s heartbeat at 5 weeks… I cried.

We got to peek into its world again at 7 weeks… Hubbz cried.

Today, at 11 weeks was the best yet! Today was doppler and ultrasound day!

I laid on the table straining my earholes to hear something that resembled a beating heart. The doppler kept picking up my pulse. I looked over at Hubbz and tried not to giggle. The anticipation was exciting! Hubbz sat waiting, phone in hand, ready to record our little one’s beating heart. Like magic, through the sloshing, the whooshwhooshwhoosh of BabyB’s heartbeat became clear. My heart melted as it has so many times before and I fell in love once again. It was a sound I could listen to for hours. We sat and listened while the nurse timed the beats. I cried. Seeing BabyB’s heartbeat at 5 weeks was reassurance of a viable pregnancy. Hearing BabyB’s heartbeat at 11 weeks was reassurance that God’s got this. When you hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time, tears definitely happen. As I wiped the goo off my tummy I couldn’t help but think of the verse I repeat more times a day than I can count “For this child I have prayed and the Lord has given me the desires of my heart.” I take comfort in His amazing grace that I don’t even come close to deserving and my heart overflows with humble gratitude.

After the doppler we meet with my doctor and then head to the ultrasound room. The goo is warm on my belly and I make a mental note to see if I can find a lotion warmer for myself because it felt kind of glorious… I digress… I look over at the tv screen on the wall, excitedly waiting for our little muffin to appear. There is a sea of white on the screen and then there is our sweet Baby B!  Bigger and more defined than the last two ultrasounds. I am in awe and Hubbz reaches over and interlaces his fingers in mine. We see its little arms and legs and its tiny little baby nosey. Oh how I cannot waiiiiit to kiss that little nosey!!! BabyB’s measuring perfectly and I offer up a prayer of gratitude to the God we serve. No sooner did I murmur that prayer, I saw BabyB move on the screen. I blinked then I stared wide-eyed. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen while I wondered in my head “Did that just happen!?”… And it happened again! I gasped, “OMGosh was that the baby moving!?” The tech said “Yep! Your baby sure is showing off for you!” Hubbz and I were beyond blown away. I have read in the books and on the apps that even though you can’t feel it yet, the baby is moving but to see it live was by far the best thing yet! I’m giggling at our little BabyB, having Dance Party USA all up in my belly. The tech let us watch for a little longer and then it was over. BabyB was left to do its little baby things which evidently consists of growing strong by doing plyometrics!

There is a little heart beating inside me. A tiny human Hubbz and I made. I haven’t even met this little one and I love them so much that sometimes it makes my breath catch in my chest. As I leave the doctor’s office I offer up a prayer:

God, you are so good to us that some days I can’t even wrap my mind around it. I give you so much thanks and so many praises for our tiny human we call for now, BabyB. I give you so much thanks for a healthy pregnancy thus far and I pray for a continued healthy pregnancy and a healthy BabyB. I pray for our little one’s heart. I pray it has a joyful heart that desires to serve the Lord. I pray for our baby’s physical development that it grows strong in stature. I pray for our baby’s brain and mental development and that you give our child wisdom and discernment. I pray over all of the facets of our baby’s life and for the development of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. I pray Lord for all the tangibles in our baby, but I also pray for the intangibles. I pray for joy, peace, a sense of awe and wonder and of course, giggles and laughter. I pray for Hubbz and myself that we are able to raise BabyB to be selfless yet confident, bold yet compassionate, smart yet humble. I pray for the life that we want to give our child and the desires that are on our heart for what that looks like. I pray for your protection over our little family of 3 and that you help us to always keep that sacred, safe and secure in you. My sweet Lord, thank you for my incredible Hubbz and our amazing BabyB. Amen.

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