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Infertility (not-so) Anonymous

I cried over some sippys. And by cried, I mean ugly-face bawled. Toddler B’s dentist said it was time to switch sippys. No more spouts, it’s time to move onto the big-boy trainer cups. In the dentist office, I was as cool as a cucumber. In real time, as I took the sippys off the […]

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Infertility and Baby #2

I close my eyes and feel our cozy bed envelope my tired body. A long, gray day in The Mitten makes my bones feel chilled to the core. I have been waiting to be able to crawl back into bed since my alarm went off bright and early this morning. Not that I was wishing […]

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The Struggle is Real… Keep Going Anyway.

So much changes in an instant… Give it 2 years and life as you knew it can become unrecognizable. The post below showed up on my Facebook memories today from two years ago (Thanks Facebook for that trip down memory lane.) I am humbled where my life is at. I am humbled by this little boy […]

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#TBT: A Reflection about the Journey to the Mommy Club

** Mommyhood has kept me busy and I have 72,463,795 half-written blog posts laying around. In an effort to share them, I will be posting them periodically on #TBT’s… Today is one of those #TBT’s. This was started about 8 months ago when baby boy was about a month old. Enjoy. This morning as I sat […]

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Frumperella & the New Black Dress

This one is for the mommy’s. For you ladies holding it down. The jobs, the weight loss, the food prep, the yoga, the heavy lifting, the poopy diapers. The child-rearing from the home or from the road. For you holding down the marriages and the happy husbands while making dinner, making the beds, doing the laundry […]

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