Week 34 Meltdowns

Tonight I had a minor meltdown. It might have been the pregnancy hormones. It might have been that I am in my 8th month of growing a human. It might be that I have an amazingly fulfilling, yet very demanding job. It might be that I am pushing myself to finish up my Master’s before […]

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11 Weeks & BabyB’s Plyos

I never realized through all of the heartache of infertility the amount of redemption our God would shower over Hubbz and I. Each doctor’s visit has become more incredible than the last. We saw BabyB’s heartbeat at 5 weeks… I cried. We got to peek into its world again at 7 weeks… Hubbz cried. Today, at […]

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My Journey to the Mommy Club: Babies & Duckies

Incase you don’t know, my nieces and nephew are the most adorable kids on the planet. There is a chance I am slightly biased, but I can assure you I am probably not. If you need evidence here is a little story for you… Over these past 19 months, post-doctors visits I have gotten in […]

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My Journey to the Mommy Club: Things I have Learned 7 weeks In

If you don’t follow me on Snapchat (um, you should… @dezmelfi) you have probably missed the hilarity that has ensued in my life these past 7 weeks. I decided to put together somethings I have learned thus far, while growing a human. Campbell’s Vegetable soup with alphabits used to be my jam. Like, my JAM. […]

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My Journey to the Mommy Club: Seeing Heartbeats

There is a heart that is beating inside of me. A heartbeat that isn’t mine. A heartbeat that belongs to a little soul we have named, for now, Baby B. They said if I could see the heartbeat the rate of miscarriage dropped dramatically. I held my breath as the doctor did the usual doctor […]

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