My Journey to the Mommy Club: Babies & Duckies

Incase you don’t know, my nieces and nephew are the most adorable kids on the planet. There is a chance I am slightly biased, but I can assure you I am probably not. If you need evidence here is a little story for you…

Over these past 19 months, post-doctors visits I have gotten in the habit of sending my people updates. After last week’s ultrasound they all received videos and photos of our BabyB. I tell my sister to make sure she shows the kids (because she’s a mom of four and she gets really busy so I sometimes have to remind her.) I get a text later that day that goes something like this:

“So I showed the twins this morning and I thought it was so cute seeing the heartbeat. The video stops and AJ says, I don’t see the baby it just looks like a duck.”

At that point my sister texts me the picture back and lo and behold when turned sideways BabyB’s yolk sack looks like a duck’s head making BabyB look like the duck’s body… At this point I think it can’t possibly get any funnier… Until my sister texts:

“AJ asks, is she having a duck? No I tell her. Then Sylvie chimes in “But maybe she is Mom.”

(See, told you they were the most adorable kids on the planet.)

At this point there are actual tears streaming down my face because I am laughing so hard.

I go on thinking about this conversation for a while. I had the thought that sometimes I want to be 5 1/2 again because life was a whole lot easier back then when the world was one big playground and maybe people had a duck, because after all, the picture looks like a duck!

With that, I pray over our sweet BabyB.

Dear God, I pray that our sweet BabyB keeps its wonder, awe and curiosity about the world for a long, long time. Hubbz and I will do everything we can to show our sweet one all that this amazing world has to offer and through our actions, we ask that you help us to teach our child, but more than that, help us teach our child well. Help us to raise our child in ways that encourage dreams, imaginations, adventures and giggles. Help us to raise our little one so they are free from pride and full of humility and grace. Help us to teach our BabyB what it is to have a heart for the Lord. We are so thankful for this gift of BabyB you have given us and while we declare that will have an incredible amount of fun being parents and learning the ropes of raising a tiny human, it is also a role that we will hold in the highest of importance. We lay this prayer at the foot of the cross and give you palms-up thanks and praise for your grace, mercy, forgiveness and blessings. Amen.

With that, I put my hand on my tummy and I giggle to myself wondering if the twins will spend the next 7 months thinking Aunt Dez has a little duckie in her belly. Out of the mouths of babes.

CheersDez cursiveslope

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