Monday Musing – February 4, 2019


There are moments that happen as we traverse this life that we look at and can’t make sense of. Moments where things seem in chaos or unfinished. Maybe a relationship where things are left unsaid. Maybe an actual project where pieces are left undone. At some point, if you are human long enough, you come across something that you just can’t seem to figure out.

The truth is, that’s a lie.

Everything is figureoutable.


No it’s not.

She cray.

Yes it is, and no I am not.

Sometimes, in some cases, we actually end up tangibly figuring out the chaos. We find an answer, a solution, a reason that puts our mind, body, spirit at ease. The figureoutableness makes perfect logical sense and it ends up being absolutely and completely delightful.

Other times, the figureoutable rests in the intangible.


I know, I know, trust me. Just go with me on this.

The figureoutable rests in our ability to look at a thing, situation, relationship through a different framework. The figureoutableness of some things rests in our ability to leave them at the foot of the cross. I am not saying give up. I am not saying leave things unsaid or undone. What I am saying is that for the moment, offer whatever you can’t figure out time and space to breath at the feet of the one who can figure it all out- and if we are being honest, already has.

The relationship.

The marriage.

The finances.

The job.

The kids

The workouts.

The diet.

The illness.

The worry

The striving.

The this.

The that.

The other.

Release your white-knuckled grip, stop trying to figure it out and leave it at the cross. I read recently “His arms will go anywhere, to redeem anyone, from anything.” If he can figure it out, it means we don’t have to ruin ourselves trying to do it alone.

Sweet readers, with the right perspective, everything is figureoutable. Even that thing that you are thinking of right now in your head as you tell me it isn’t. Take a deep breath, offer space and breathing room, trust the process and trust Jesus. There really is peace in the chaos. Sometimes we just have to have the perspective to see it.

Meet you back here next week, same time, same place! 

cheersdez cursiveslope

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