The Day the Game Changed

I LOVE to read so when my Pastor asked me to be a part of his book launch team, I knew I couldn’t say no. Anything that meshes my love for books with my love for Jesus is basically the best thing since a bacon-wrapped filet. I excitedly awaited the arrival of the manuscript- not realizing Pastor Noel had flipped the flow and the game was about to be changed.

The truths that awaited me on those pages were laid out like nothing I have ever encountered. I grew up in an Italian Catholic family, never missing church on Sunday or a mid-week religious education refresher. I prayed my rosary in Italian and English because I thought maybe it made me closer to God. In college, I lived in Rome and visited more churches from Milano to Cosenza than should be allowed… ever! I took shortcuts to class through Vatican City, met the Pope and became besties with a sweet group of nuns. After returning stateside, I was re-baptized as an adult and have been attending a Christian Church for the better part of 15 years. I have read the bible cover-to-cover multiple times over (and yes, even the boring parts.) I have completed more bible studies and been in more small groups than I can count. Heck, I even have my favorite scripture tattooed on my foot and the words “Redeemed by Grace” forever inked shoulder blade-to-shoulder blade. I offer this information to illustrate that I have been immersed in some form of religion/spirituality/christianity my entire life. To say I felt like I understood the whole Jesus Thing is a serious understatement.

81GFY3XfPfLEnter Wretched Saints.

Y’all, Pastor Noel didn’t just up the ante with his newest book, Wretched Saints. He knocked it out of the park and he changed the game.

I have lived my life under the “truth” i.e. lie that God’s love for me (though I know that it doesn’t depend on what I do) increases and decreases based on how much of a jerk-face I am.

Wake up feeling a little off, grumpy and possibly rude to my husband?

God’s love decreases.

Wake up, clap your hands, do you morning devotionals and give thanks for a glorious day?

God’s love increases.

Fall into the trap of a behavior that I know is wrong but totally enjoy?

God’s love decreases.

Push away temptation and run to Jesus like I run to the dance floor when I hear my favorite song?

God’s love increases.

I lived my life in a constant state of striving because of the lies I believed and if I can be super honest- it was exhausting. I found freedom in Pastor Noel’s words. Words like, “When you are tempted to think God isn’t pleased with you, remember that you are right where he wants you.

I wonder what lies you are believing in your life?

“When the warning light in your life says slut long enough, you begin to believe it.

The same is true with liar.

And manipulator, failure, weakling, idiot, reject, freak, embarrassment, loser, pervert

If you stare long enough at the blinking light of a false sensor, you will begin to believe it is true. And when you believe something you act on it.”

How many of us take these lies and believe them- eventually letting them take over who we really are and become our identity. This powerful book was for me, a soothing balm to my soul that set me free in ways I didn’t even know I was stuck.

B1MLuTknVHS._SY600_In Wretched Saints, Pastor Noel takes the notion of grace- a sometimes elusive and confusing thing and he offers it in digestible and easy to understand ways. He uses real-time storytelling that is both unputdownable and relevant, to envelope you in biblically sound truth. Wretched Saints paints a picture of a Father who loves us beyond measure for reasons we could never earn.

Don’t take my word for it though. Read it and see for yourself.

cheersdez cursiveslope



P.S. You can order your copy of Wretched Saints HERE

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