Palm Sunday Has Me in My Feelings

This day is a dichotomy of feelings. Do you feel it too?

Palm Sunday is remembering how our sweet Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey — a symbol of humility and peace. A King – OUR King, was greeted by crowds of people waving palm branches and praising, “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” This joy and celebration is a prelude to the suffering and death that our sweet Jesus would soon endure. The same people that praised His name would turn on Him in a matter of days and demand his horrific death. How quickly an adoring crowd shouting your praises can change into a horrible crowd, shouting for your death. I can’t help but wonder, was this to original cancel culture? Also, didn’t they know they can’t cancel Jesus?

As we make our way through Holy Week, I can’t help but be grateful that we get to see the full story. We know the Truth that the dawn of Easter morning holds — the Truth is that death could not hold Him.

Sweet friends, as our palm leaves are woven into crosses this Holy Week, it is so important to remember what our Savior has called us to do — love Him above everything, with every fiber of your being, and then, love one another. ❤️

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