A Holy Thursday of Breaking

On this Holy Thursday, we remember our sweet Savior sharing the Last Supper with his disciples and washing their feet in an act of love and humble service. This morning in church, I watched the beautiful symbolism as our babies got their hands washed by their teachers. Such a sweet act of love and care.

In John 13:4-5, Jesus got up from supper, laid aside his outer clothing, took a towel and tied it around himself. Then our sweet Savior, bowed down and washed the disciples feet.

In beautiful commentary on John 13, I read that perhaps Jesus was meditating on Calvary when he got up from that supper to humbly wash the feet of those He loved. This notion pulls at my heart in the deepest ways.

Maybe yours too?

Our Savior was breaking bread while knowing the days ahead would break those around Him because they loved Him so dearly. Our Savior was breaking bread while knowing He came to break the barriers of sin and death. Our Savior was breaking bread while facing a future that threatened to break Him.

When Jesus got up from supper and washed the disciples feet, he pointed to the cross on Calvary – though no one in the room knew it at the time. He endured that horrific cross for each and every one of us. In His death and resurrection, Jesus washed whiter than snow the dirtiest and most horrible parts of us. ❤️

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