While I Wait for Extraordinary Endings

We spend our lives waiting for extraordinary endings to things. We grow up brainwashed by the movies to think this life always ends in extraordinary ways. Relationships never actually end because the guy is always waiting at the top of the airport escalator and the girl always comes back. That’s not real life. Real life is […]

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Monday Musings 7.6.15

Live grateful. Be thankful. Count your blessings. No, those aren’t silly cliches people say. They are words to build your life on. The more thankful you are the more your life literally changes before your eyes. Be thankful for it all- even the crummy things that make you cry. In gratitude there is infinite blessing. […]

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Monday Musings 3.30.15

No one promised love would be easy… Just that it would be the most worth it mystery of humanity that you have ever embarked on.

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Monday Musings 1.26.15

HAPPY (and I do mean HAPPY) MONDAY!!! I hope your weekend was full of rest and laughter and ridiculous amounts of joy! Have a butt-kickin’, everyday hustlin’, rock-out kinda week!

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