Just This Moment

Tonight finds me settled in on our deck, Toddler B fast asleep and Hubbz out running errands. My tiny fur-ball is curled up on the patio chair next to me and I am reading a book. I can feel the setting sun warm my bones and a solid wind blowing from the south. (Thank you, […]

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Lessons I Learned from Earning my Master’s Degree

Thanks to a recent shift in priorities and a social media hiatus, I have had a lot more time to write… Lessons I Learned from Earning my Master’s Degree was written in December of 2016 (ummm, I’ve been busy… better late than never). It’s finally seeing the light of day and that’s cool because life […]

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The Brevity of Life Can be Found in Car Accidents

My day started like any other random Tuesday. I’m blowdrying my hair into a funky-faux-madina and I hear a super loud pop. I see something that appears to be a spring (which I now know to be a heat coil) fly across the bathroom and land in one of the sinks with a clink. I stand […]

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MLK on Friendship

Dark days will come in life. Sometimes they show up out of nowhere, other days they are self-inflicted and we can watch them roll in like the tide. The thing about dark days is that we all have them at some point. Trials in love, financial strain, career uncertainty, family problems, marriage heartache, infertility, cancer. […]

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A Little Ditty About Marriage

Today is our wedding anniversary and it’s only fitting that I offer a ditty about marriage… Except it’s not really a ditty… It’s more of a blog post. (I hope you wordsmiths enjoyed that. You’re welcome.) Let’s dance, shall we? I never really understood the saying “I married my best friend.” I threw the phrase […]

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