Monday Musings 5.19.14

I once read a quote on success on Instagram, it went something like this… “When you want to succeed as much as you want to breath, then you will be successful.” I thought that went hand in hand with this quote. What can you do today that will propel your tomorrow?

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Monday Musings 5.12.14

To the painful beautiful change we all must go through at some point. It is essential. It is good. It is necessary. For if things never changed, we could never grow.

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Monday Musings 5.5.14

Sometimes the most beautiful change in our lives comes from the deepest sadness and struggle. If only we could see past the moment we are in, to the vast greatness that awaits. That’s where faith comes in. Faith in things unseen.

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Monday Musings 4.28.14

Today’s musing is near and dear to my heart. Some of my favorite people on the face of the planet are moving away tomorrow and my heart is broken. Yes, we will Skype and FaceTime and I already have my plane tickets for my first trip to visit, but it’s not the same. No post-work […]

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