Monday Musings For the Last Week of Classes

Another semester of my Master’s degree pursuit is winding down and what an incredible one it has been. This semester I have had to dig deep and really define how I want to make a difference in this world. It has been a semester of aligning my passions with my career and mixing in a […]

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Monday Musings 2.9.15

Jesus did things different than us. I read a quote this weekend that said “With every breath, He was aware of the hurting and wounded, pursuing the broken people instead of avoiding them. Jesus carefully and deliberately invested every moment of His time on earth. And there has never been a life that made such a difference […]

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Monday Musings 2.2.15

Sometimes we forget why we are here… We have significant others, careers, classes, workouts, families, to-do lists seventeen miles long… A hundred million things to get done and only time enough for a fraction of it all… But then we see something like this… Bold enough to stop us in our tracks… And then we […]

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Monday Musings 5.27.13

I am thankful this Memorial Day for those who have served, are serving or will serve the amazing US of A. I am thankful for their selfless service, unwavering courage and strength that transcends understanding. We love you, we thank you.

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