A Tale of Two Sisters

To all of you women with sisters…
My beautiful sister texted me this article and it moved me enough to pass it along through my blog.
The bond of sisters is nothing short of amazing and unless you have one you really don’t truly understand the level of awesome. I literally could not have asked for a more incredible human to have known me since the day I made my debut on the planet. Growing up wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows between us, but she taught me the mystifying ways of the world. She didn’t understand that I just wanted to be her mini-me and I didn’t understand that she was just trying to be independent. As adults she is my instant BFF. While many people have poured into my life along the way, it is my sister that has been the calm, rational thinker that so many times has settled my wild heart and extremely creative imagination. In turn, I have showered her life with more hilarity than she could really ever need. (TOOT TOOT goes my own horn! Don’t mind if I do! …You’re welcome. I digress.)
Enjoy this article she found on “A Tale of Two Sisters: The Introvert and The Extrovert
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