Of Love and Flower Obsessions

I’m kind of a neurotic nut job when it comes to my plants. It isn’t entirely my fault. When I was growing-up my summer job, in addition to caddying loops at our local country club, was to water the flowers around the house on the regular… and my Ma had 739 million flowers. No joke. All of this time spent outside and countless summers later and I ended up with a bit of a green thumb. Fast forward a couple decades… I ended up being domestic AF and now have 739 million flowers of my own. For the past few years I’ve wanted one of those silly Flower Shower Wands to water my plants with. You know, they are those mini shower heads on the long pole that hooks up to your hose. You can easily water hanging baskets and they give a glorious soft rain-like drink of water to your plants… it’s beautiful and poetic all at the same time… I shit you not.
Though I have wanted one of these silly little Flower Shower Wands, I never bought one because I never wanted to spend the money on one- I am nothing if not frugal… though Hubbz may disagree. 😂 I was outside watering my plants one day and Hubbz showed up after running some errands with a smile on his face and a Flower Shower Wand in his hand. You guys, I literally ran across the yard, jumped up on him and hugged him so hard that I almost knocked him over… and right about now you’re like, uhh why is she blogging this?
Because, you guys, #marriage.
I’m the first to tell you unequivocally, marriage can horribly suck and make you question what the hell you were thinking. There are some days when my marriage vows are literally the most challenging thing I have ever tried to live up to. On the flipside, when I start living sacrificially to please Hubbz rather than myself, marriage ends up being the best thing I’ve ever done… also, let’s just mention living sacrificially goes against everything that is natural for every cell in my body. #realtalk
This seemingly small thing that Hubbz did on a random sunny day isn’t so small when you really look at it. This little prezzy meant he listened to me. It meant he intentionally paid attention to the things he heard me say. It means he prioritized something silly and possibly odd that I wanted. All of these things combined show me that he loves me (yes, I have read the 5 Love Languages and yes, one of my Love Languages is prezzys). 😉
I think about the marriage vows I promised this man and I think about the sacrificial love Hubbz shows me. Then I think about Jesus… because it all points back to Jesus. Hubbz is able to love me like he does- even when I don’t deserve it- especially when I don’t deserve it, because the man loves Jesus first. It’s through this love that he is able to extend love and grace to me. 1 Peter 4:8 tells us “above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins”.
Love covers where we fall short- because we are human and we always fall short.
Love covers when our humanity steps in and gets the best of us.
Love covers on the good days and on the bad ones.
Love covers for better or worse.
For richer or poorer.
In sickness and in health.
Love covers it all.
and I have the Flower Shower Wand to remind me.
CheersDez cursiveslope

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