On a Sunday at Augusta

Among the azaleas, magnolias and dogwoods a story unfolded. It is a story that has spanned decades and today came full-circle. It’s a story about adversity. It’s a story about struggle. It’s a story about mistakes, courage, and the relentless pursuit to attain success again. It’s a story about all of those things – and now, it’s a story about a comeback.

Some call it the greatest comeback of all time.

There was a moment when a judgmental world shook their head at him. His story that we didn’t understand at the time has now been redeemed into a fairytale of sorts. I think the reason his story is so incredible is because oftentimes, athletes don’t get the comeback they are hoping for and if they do, they don’t end up winning the championship again. His story is incredible because so many times, in sports and in life, hard things don’t end in greatness.

Tiger’s story is the story of hard work and non-negotiable drive. Relentless will and the unwavering pursuit of excellence. It’s the kind of feel-good story that Hollywood makes movies about.

The moment he embraced his caddy with his million dollar smile and yelled, “we did it!”, I felt a small lump form in my throat.

The moment he embraced his son, the Mama in me teared up.

The moment he embraced his Mama, the Mama in me sobbed.

The moment he embraced his daughter, the Mama in me ugly cried.

I can’t help but wonder if Tiger’s rise and fall and rise again is a lesson to us all. Sure, our stories don’t culminate on incredible golf courses with the world watching or end with beautiful green jackets that bring a tear to an eye. But they do happen in the secret places of our lives and our homes. Our growing and changing and successes and failures.

On a Sunday in April, at one of the most storied golf courses in all the land, with the world watching, Tiger put on a green jacket and gave us one of the greatest moments the sport has ever seen. On a human level, he offered the watching world the notion that we don’t have to ever be defined by who we were at one time. We can hold on to hope and redeem our path. We can be successful and create futures that are incredible no matter what or who our past says we are.

On a Sunday at Augusta, among the azaleas, magnolias and dogwoods a story unfolded- and what a story it was.

cheersdez cursiveslope

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