Monday Musings 10.22.12


This spoke to my heart this morning… So many times in life we hear people’s unsolicited opinions about who they think we are or who they think we should be. We hear opinions about what we have done right or wrong in life according to them… This little musing is about us as individuals, because let’s face it… We come in alone and we go out alone and it’s the story we write along the way that matters.

I have never believed in having regrets about life, love or the pursuit. I have always said what happens in life and the choices we make are right for the time and place we are in. We may have done things, said things or been people that we aren’t today… but to say we regret any of it is to wish it wouldn’t have happened, and I am a firm believer that experiences create our beautifully, twisted amazing stories.

The flip side of not having a regret is to be able to replay the sweet, juicy, to-die-for moments that you once created… You know the ones- The moments that you lay in bed and relive as you are drifting off to sleep, or the ones that pop into your head on a long run, the ones that take you back to that place and time of pure joy and bliss… The beautiful amazing sometimes twisted memories that shaped who we are and changed us forever.

Cheers to Monday Musings, Dez

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