My Journey to the Mommy Club: Gifts of Love on Valentine’s Day

Philippians 4:4 runs across my brain “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” I can’t help but think back over the last 19 months. The pain that was all consuming at times, when rejoicing was the last thing I could imagine doing. The little victories via test results that got us one step closer to being parents made rejoicing so easy. The ups and downs. The giggles and the tears.

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice.”

THE BEST. VALENTINE’S. DAY. EVER. This past Valentine’s Day was THE BEST I could ever imagine. This Valentine’s Day, Hubbz and I received a gift from God that we have only ever dreamed about. This Valentine’s Day, God wrapped up love and gave it to my husband and I. This Valentine’s Day we found out we were blessed with new titles on this Earth…

Mommy & Daddy!!!

Make room beautiful ladies, there’s another Mommy in the coveted Mommy Club!

WHAT!? HOW!? Wait… WHAT!? What about the shattered 3am pregnancy test?!

…I know, right? Apparently not all negatives are actually negative.

Given all the symptoms I was having, the doctor advised me to test throughout the weekend. Saturday’s test had a shadow of a line. I didn’t get excited. Hubbz didn’t get excited… My sister? She got excited. She’s an incredible Mama of 4 and knows everything there is to know about getting pregnant and raising babies and adulting. She assured me the test was positive. I was cautiously optimistic… Which if you know us at all is a TOTAL role reversal!

And then Sunday happened… Because even in our cautious optimism… Sunday always happens. God always shows His glory.

Sunday ushered in the most beautiful, dark, solid blue line that the world has ever seen. I stood there in disbelief and held the test. I grabbed the instructions off the bathroom counter and compared the results… I heard myself tell myself, “DudeYou are so pregnantNo. Effing. Way.” The funniest part was that I didn’t cry. I swear I always thought the day I got that positive test I would ugly-face cry… But I didn’t. I don’t know why. I just kinda stood there in disbelief and I kept looking at the test. Isn’t that so human of me. There I was holding God’s gift literally in my hand, His answered prayer, His amazing provision, and I stood there almost not believing it! I shake my head at my humanity and then I bow down before my creator giving thanks for this incredible answered prayer.

TELLING HUBBZ. I walked into the bedroom and woke up Hubbz (it may or may not have been 5:57am.) We both sat there in disbelief. He said “Really?” I said “Yep!” and I showed him the test. Our eyes met and we just sat there for a moment. Then, the giggles happened. At first I started, then he started and before we knew it we were laughing uncontrollably on the bed at 6am on a Sunday morning. After the giggles tapered off, Hubbz wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. He put his hands on my tummy and he began to pray. Prayers of thanks to a God that we have so faithfully trusted and served.

TELLING OUR PEOPLE. We spent the rest of the morning (and day, and next day and next week) telling our people via FaceTime, video texts, snapchats, a few good old fashioned phone calls and topped it off with some face-to-face reveals! Telling our amazing network of family and friends that we couldn’t fathom doing life without was the best thing ever! We are over the moon about BabyB, but there is also something I realized as we were telling people our beautiful news. With each person we told, we weren’t just telling people we were pregnant. We were in a way telling them about a God who hears prayers. A God who answers prayers in HIS time, in HIS way. God’s goodness was able to radiate brighter and stronger than I could ever fathom.

While we had a blast sharing our good news, it was the responses we received from people that probably blew us away the most. The responses completely humbled us. It was in the responses of our friends and family that the image of God became evident. People cried. Five literally screamed (one at work!) LOL These emotional reactions were the result of being so overjoyed with happiness… And to say we were humbled by the love and excitement is the understatement of the year. The happiness and joy our news brought is only possible because of God and his amazing blessings… That my sweet readers, is the handi-work of Christ.

MAKING IT SOCIAL OFFICIAL. When Hubbz and I talked about this day, we knew in the guts of our souls that we had to tell people when we conceived. Both blood tests have come back with amazing numbers and in our first ultrasound this week we saw BabyB’s heart beating strong!!! There are people IMG_3908praying and storming Heaven’s gates with prayer on our behalf. There are people reading my blog and reaching out in love and going on this journey with us. Some may cringe at the thought of spilling the beans before the first trimester is over, I get that, I understand the fear. Here’s the thing for us and for how we do life… We trust in the Lord. We trust in Him with confidence because we have been through the most crushing of defeats and He has always led us through. His grace, His mercy, His will, always the light to our path. I don’t know what my pregnancy path will be and I pray desperately that I carry our sweet BabyB to term. I also realize there is a possibility that I might not. But again, we trust in the Lord. I refuse to live my life fearful of the unknown and if we are being honest, none of us know what our futures hold. Hubbz and I trust in our God. His path, His timing, HIS will. Right now, in this moment, BabyB is bebopping around and growing leaps and bounds inside me, and for that we will Rejoice!!! (And tell the World about it!)

We ask that you pray for us and pray for our sweet BabyB. The salt cravings and food aversions have already started along with a plethora of other early pregnancy signs (all saved for future blog posts) and it is INCREDIBLE!!!

At times I felt like our journey was taking forever but there is a murmuring in my soul that is telling me, our journey is just beginning and for thatWe will rejoice!



“I will remain confident in this, I have seen the goodness of the Lord!”

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