How to Get From Pain to Peace

Episode #2 of Season #2 is coming in HOTTT! We are getting deep in a hurry but it’s going to be super worth it – promise!

To check out Episode 2, “Healing the Past (Ugh, I Know, Right!?)”, be-bop your way over to Amazon Music, Apple, Google Podcasts & Spotify to tune in or use the player below.

In this episode, I talk about healing your past. This coaching is vital because if we can’t heal our past we could spend our present and future running from it or worse- repeating it.

Topics include:

  • 3 things that happen when we face pain and trauma (2:21)
  • Amazing Ann Voskamp quote (4:13)
  • A bomb gets dropped about changing others (5:58)
  • A truth about time (8:59)
  • The thing that happens when we heal the past (12:19)

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